George Carlin

Well, I tried to blog yesterday, but Blogger was out. George Carlin is/was one of my favorite entertainers. The world will truly miss him, but we were certainly glad to have such a funny, intelligent entertainer that inspired so many great comedians after him. So, Georgie boy, truly rest in peace.

A few articles I came across the past few days really stood out.
Stars remember George Carlin

George Carlin: American Radical

Here I’m posting some of my favorite routines from George.

On religion:

On politicians:

On anti-choice folks:

On language:



Well, I ended up having a very fun and busy weekend. It’ll be a real bummer going back to work this week. I contacted a few places I had interviews with and they’re all still making their decisions. Damn that waiting.

So, yesterday morning I did my job hunting while sitting at Chestnut Hill Coffee. That has become a pretty cool routine that I’m going to keep doing (well, actually, I hope that I get a new job soon so I won’t have to keep doing this). Then I went with the church to Project HOME. Good time there. And today I met with my friend Allie & her husband for dim sum at Joy Tsin Lau and got some goodies from Reading Terminal Market. I did get some good relaxing in too so….yeah. I’m still thinking about the really good salmon I got. And my cats have been extra cute all weekend.

This week

I probably should have posted last week when I heard the sad news about Tim Russert. Besides the news about Tim Russert, I had 2 interviews this week. So we’ll see.

Right now I’m watching Home Improvement. I haven’t watched this in forever. I think I used to get upset about all this macho stuff Tim Allen put on, but I do like watching it for the scenes where Tim talks to Wilson and garbles up what he’s been told. I remember my crazy cousin Terri used to have a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. He’s pretty much popped off the face of the earth these days. I don’t think Hollywood misses him too much. And Tim Allen has been in such embarrassing movies since this show went off. He should have disappeared from Hollywood too.

Well, I’m looking forward to a fun weekend. I will report about it later.


Well, I guess the campaign season is officially starting up. We’re starting to get these ads already from the McCain campain. I’m not sure yet how much I’ll help with Obama, but I do feel good about supporting someone I actually respect. I wasn’t fond of Kerry so felt kinda crummy going around telling people to vote for him simply because he wasn’t bush.

Hot hot hot

We’re having a nice little heat wave in Philly. I did errands for a few hours Saturday, hung out at Chestnut Hill Coffee Shop to do some work but stayed in the rest of the weekend. I hate this heat. I can’t breathe in it, I can’t do anything outside.

I did get some popsicles from Shoprite over the weekend so they do a great job at keeping me cool. And I got a big bag of cherries. I have interviews later this week so I hope my hair doesn’t become a big puffball for them.

Job hunting updates

Last week I had six interviews. I was actually supposed to have seven, but I rescheduled one of them.

Monday I was at a music school downtown. The job was an executive assistant. I’m not really looking for pure administrative work now, but this had some working with the development office and the school’s really cool so I applied. Well, I got myself extremely lost trying to find the place. Usually I take a little test drive if I’m going somewhere new, but I had no time over the weekend. So, thanks to me getting lost, I got there about 20 minutes late. I did apologize profusely and they said it was ok, but I don’t think it was. The woman seemed really nice, but the guy was rubbing at his beard during the whole interview. I don’t know what that meant, I guess he thought he was being wise.

Tuesday I had a really great interview and am hoping this is one that comes through. It was at a Quaker based senior citizen place in my neighborhood (yay for a 3 minute commute!) and would give me the opportunity to do writing, help with their website and do some more advanced development/fundraising work than what I’m doing now. The woman I met with was very friendly and seemed really interested in all I had to offer.

Thursday morning I had an interview at a community cupboard type place in Phoenixville. That was an interesting day too. I missed the turn for Route 23 and got to this interview late too. The ride, though, was gorgeous. I drove through Valley Forge Park and all these other little gritty suburbs. The job sounded ok, I don’t really have the experience they’re looking for. But at least it was good practice and I never would have visited Phoenixville otherwise.

Friday was my big interview day. In the morning I had an interview for a researcher. I think that interview went ok, it was the perfect job for a geek like me. It’s basically doing research for when they have speakers come in or other reasons. The guy I interviewed with said that you’ll pick up lots of good useless information and was pleased that I listen to all kinds of odd podcasts. Then I had an interview downtown that was rescheduled from last week. I think the interview with the woman I met last week went well and I think Friday’s interview went well too. So, this job does look pretty promising. And the last interview was a medical association downtown and the job was a documentation assistant, basically doing work that sounds an awful lot like what the guys on Office Space do.

So, hopefully something will come through soon. This coming week I have two interviews and tests with an employment agency. I’m not so sure about the employment agency, but if something else comes up this week, I’ll bump that appointment.

There was a job in my hometown in NJ, but I don’t think I’m that desperate for a better job yet.

I have had a very relaxing, nothing weekend, which I really needed after the week I had and have. In fact, Friday night I came home, got some ribs and drank some beer. It felt really nice to let loose and turn off the charm for the night.

Comcast woes

I got cable in my apartment for the first time in March. I have had a fabulous experience with it until last week when my air conditioner got installed. All of a sudden I started getting errors and have had issues with my phone and Internet.

So, the story started last Wednesday. I called Comcast Thursday night and explained my cable problems and made an appointment for Sunday for a technician between 3-5. I was in Jersey for the weekend so rushed back to be home for 3pm. At around 4:30, still no technician, I ran to pick up laundry downstairs and missed a call so had my appointment canceled. 😦 But by then my cable was working decently, but my Internet and phone were working badly. Tuesday the technician came back and gave me a new cable modem, but then my cable started acting up again. Now I’m having the guy come back again on Tuesday night.

Hopefully Comcast will give me some type of refund for all these woes. What good is camping inside on a horribly hot day if you can’t watch TV. And thanks to these issues I have missed lots of 90210. Grrr…