Comcast woes

I got cable in my apartment for the first time in March. I have had a fabulous experience with it until last week when my air conditioner got installed. All of a sudden I started getting errors and have had issues with my phone and Internet.

So, the story started last Wednesday. I called Comcast Thursday night and explained my cable problems and made an appointment for Sunday for a technician between 3-5. I was in Jersey for the weekend so rushed back to be home for 3pm. At around 4:30, still no technician, I ran to pick up laundry downstairs and missed a call so had my appointment canceled. 😦 But by then my cable was working decently, but my Internet and phone were working badly. Tuesday the technician came back and gave me a new cable modem, but then my cable started acting up again. Now I’m having the guy come back again on Tuesday night.

Hopefully Comcast will give me some type of refund for all these woes. What good is camping inside on a horribly hot day if you can’t watch TV. And thanks to these issues I have missed lots of 90210. Grrr…


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