Things that suck about job hunting

I found this after doing a Google search for “job hunting hard.”
Things that suck about job hunting

I liked a whole bunch, especially:
Having to write a “personal statement” when really, all you want is a decent job that pays well and some coworkers that don’t suck.

Looking at job listings online and they’re filled with stupid “WORK FROM HOME” listings and other useless garbage.

Knowing that one or two page document isn’t going to sum you up as a person or a worker, but you’re forced to make one anyway.

Not finding ANY job postings that are suited to what you do in ANY way for weeks on end.

Having people asking you “How is the job hunt going?” over and over.

Finding a great job to apply for and you make it to the interview, they basically tell you that you’re the best person for the job so you get all excited and then they hire someone else.

Interviews that you know aren’t going well within the first two seconds, but you can’t get up and run screaming from the place.

Having EVERYTHING go wrong the day of your interview, so you show up late, not at all, or on fire.

Job posting requirements made by the HR department instead of the actual department you’ll be working for, so they make no sense and ask for tons of things that only robots have.

Being thanked for your time after the interview when it’s just been one big waste of time and you both know it.

Being interviewed by about five people all at once, with them asking you questions, scribbling down what you answer with and then whispering amongst themselves.

Not being able to find the way into the building, or where the reception area is, so you’re wandering around outside in front of the all the office windows looking like some sort of crazed idiot.

Having to go to about ten different interviews for one company because their interviewing process is SO stupid and every level of the organization just HAS to get involved.


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