Jessie Helms & the 4th

I’m trying to think if there’s some type of dramatic irony that Jesse Helms died today, on the 4th of July. But we certainly weren’t better having known him.

In other news, I had to work today…there were no phone calls. This executive director has such insanely bad management skills I’m just hoping that eventually our corporate office in Pittsburgh will realize that she’s the reason there’s been so much turnover this year. But hopefully by then I’ll be gone. I got help from another friend in pumping up my resume so hopefully that will give me even more bites. I’ve gotten some more rejection letters, but am hoping that one of the two jobs I’m interviewing for will work out. I’m just getting so tired of looking.

Anyway, my cat Sylvia is sitting next to me staring very intently so I need to do something to appease her.


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