I always feel a little disappointed when I turn on Countdown on MSNBC and see Rachel Maddow instead of Keith Olbermann. I do enjoy seeing Rachel Maddow and always like when I’m able to catch her radio show, but I don’t think she gets as sarcastically funny as Keith. Ah well. The show still provides such a good alternative to the bull from Bill O’Reilly. Speaking of Fox News Channel, over the weekend they had a show that seemed to go on forever about “liberal bias” on college campuses. I guess that since most people are now realizing the neocons are driving this country (and the world) down the toilet, they’re back to talking about BS like this. Hopefully this will be a good sign for Obama.

Also yesterday I stumbled upon a show on MSNBC about a Philadelphia resident, Marie Noe, that killed 8 of her 10 babies from the 1950s through 1967. She didn’t confess to the crimes until 1998. I found it interesting to learn about the views of mental illness and what this case had to teach us about both postpartum depression and multiple personality (which they eventually diagnosed her with…she’s in her 80s now). I found the article, written by Stephen Fried, that was published at the time of the investigation in 1998. Read the whole thing here.


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