Like, Omigod!

I had to get a physical for work today and I have lost 11 pounds since January. It’s not much, but I guess what I’ve been doing has paid off.

I was contacted by a staffing agency today and am seeing some good opportunities through them. So, we’ll see what happens there. They did say they get positions from non-profits, which I thought was promising.

Tonight I’m watching all my Aaron Spelling soaps. They’re coming down to the end of 90210, tomorrow they’re showing the episode where Kelly & Brandon decide not to get married. I’ll be working and missing it, but I don’t care so much. I was never much of a fan of the Kelly/Brandon relationship. I like them both apart, but wasn’t wildly amused about them together. I still find myself much routing for Donna & David. I know they get married in the series finale, but I’m intrigued to watch the follow up to it. I think I route for them like I route for Billy & Allison on Melrose Place. Except I’m not finding Billy as adorable as I did when I first decided to get myself sucked into this show. I do find him more intriguing than Jake (Grant Show), but eh. Right now I’m in the season where Marcia Cross’s character just blew up Melrose Place and Kristin Davis is on being all vixen-esque. I must say that it feels really odd seeing Kristin Davis playing such a nasty, manipulative character on here. She certainly has talent for playing someone like Brooke and going on to play a character like Charlotte on Sex & The City.

In unshallow news, today I shipped back the Thinkpad I ordered from Overstock. It officially went defective over the weekend, making really loud clicking sounds when I turned it on. I didn’t do anything unusual…just tried connecting to a wireless network. I might look into installing a new hard drive on my old Gateway laptop and maybe running Linux on it. I have no idea how to go about doing any of that, but during my bored time at home I’m planning to read up on it.


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