Bang bang!

I had another one of my crazy nightmares last night. I don’t remember much detail, but I was at a convenience store. It wasn’t Wawa and I don’t think it was 7-11. It may have been like a Kwik Stop place. I was waiting in line at the register and alongside me, looking at the area with chips and salty snacks was a guy holding a gun right next to his body. I tried mouthing to the cashier that there was a guy there with a gun, but she didn’t really notice I was trying to talk to her. And at that point I worried that he’d see me trying to get her attention and get me for doing so. He did see me and at that point, he lifted up his gun to start shooting. Just then I forced myself to wake up.

So, I don’t know why I have such nutty dreams. This isn’t the first semi-violent dream I’ve had. Maybe someone can analyze them to death for me.


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