So much for Alaska

No doubt that this news has spread. Let’s see what Congress does. I know my rep will vote against it, but the other Democrats…I’m not so sure.

Bush lifts executive ban on offshore drilling

Also in the environmental realm, while searching for articles about drilling in Alaska on the Sierra Club website, I came upon this article:
Schwarzenegger slams Bush on global warming

From the article:

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said the Bush administration’s decision to delay a decision on regulating greenhouse gases showed that it did not believe in global warming.

Schwarzenegger, in an interview with ABC television broadcast Sunday, said it would have been insincere for the administration to take action on the harmful emissions with only six months left in George W. Bush’s presidency.

“Well, to be honest with you, if they would have done something this year, I would have thought it was bogus anyway… because you don’t change global warming and you don’t really have an effect by doing something six months before you leave office,” he told ABC on Friday.

Schwarzenegger spoke on the day the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a report offering no new action against emissions and calling for 120 days of public comment, essentially leaving any decision to the next administration.

Taking action at this late stage in Bush’s second four-year term would not have been credible, said Schwarzenegger, who signed a historic bill in 2006 that made California the first US state to impose limits on global warming gases.

There’s the young 20 something in me that still laughs at the idea of the Terminator being the governor of California and I have read about his work here and there. I must say, though, from what I know of his record, I admire him for taking such a stand for environmental issues and having a reasonable stand on social issues. So, three cheers for Arnold for doing such good.


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