In more “Please let it die” news…

I was a huge X-Files fan until David Duchovny left the show. Seriously, what is X-Files without David Duchovny? So, when I heard about the X-Files movie that was coming out this year I was really disappointed. I love X-Files, but the show ended 6 years ago and I really think it’s time to move on. I’m definitely glad they’re still using David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, but just let the show rest already. I’ll probably end up renting the film from Netflix since I’m curious, but I really hope this will be it.

In other “let it die” news, I saw this on the Entertainment Weekly blog today:

Will you see Scream 4?
From the article:
Scream 4 is an apparent go, eight years after the last installment hit theaters. The news was buried in reports about Showtime’s new deal to be the home of the Weinstein Co.’s and Dimension Films’ pay-cable premieres. I haven’t read any details about the movie ā€” it’s not even listed on IMDB yet, so you know it’s in the early stages ā€” but I’m already wondering if I’ll see it. I’ve stopped doing horror (I like to sleep at night), but I could be talked into it. I saw the first three films, during daylight hours, and I’m a sucker for a self-referential script. What about you?

I did like the first two Scream films, but this is another one that I really didn’t want to see resurrected almost 10 years later. Knowing the Scream writers, though, they might poke fun at the next sequel following after so many years, but eh. Can we please come up with more creative ideas for films rather than rehashing old TV shows and film series? And about this Get Smart movie? I love Steve Carrell, but this film really butchers the old show. On the Get Smart TV show, Agent 99 and Maxwell Smart were about the same age. In the film adaptation? How about the age difference between Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway?


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