I am having a little insomnia tonight. I’ve finished all my “fun” stuff I have to do online and really don’t feel like watching TV so I’m looking for music to download. From Limewire of course. There are a few sites I frequent to help lead me good music because, honestly, not everything is on iTunes and I like being able to find weird and unique music, often music that no one in my age group really listens to.

My favorite site is Digital Dreamdoor Music Lists. I appreciate that the owner has included all kinds of genres…surf music, blues, doo wop, etc. Not just the plain ol’ country, rap and pop. I like that in his 90s lists I have found songs I haven’t thought of in *years*. Some of the 80s tunes bring me back, but the 90s were all on during my turbulent adolescent years and I have a real warm spot for those tunes…even ones that I hated at the time. I guess it’s all just nostalgia now.

I have also gotten into Pandora. The lists aren’t there, but I like that they can help me find music like R.E.M. (though there’s NO ONE like R.E.M.).

So all this should help me doze.


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