Larry Mendte melodrama

I have been following the story about Larry Mendte with a moderate amount of interest. I don’t usually get into these types of Philadelphia stories that they beat into the ground, especially considering all the problems in this city that will take forever to resolve. Michael Nutter’s doing a great job and I still say I’m so proud of our city for voting him in. But…my discussion about the troubles in Philadelphia can be put off for another blog.

Back to Larry Mendte, though…of all the newscasters in Philly, he’s one that I’ve always felt a certain fondness towards, moreso since I officially moved here. Larry and his wife, Fox news anchor Dawn Stensland, live in Chestnut Hill and on several occasions I’ve seen him come into Starbucks. He’s always seemed like a generally good guy. My friend H worked with him, too. After graduating college, she got a job at NBC-10 through an internship she had there, and told me about what a rough time she had with the majority of her co-workers at the station, including one of the weekend anchors that really treated her like crap. She said, though, of all the anchors there, Larry Mendte and John Bolaris were among the nicest ones. Larry always made people laugh and was always telling jokes about Dawn’s absent-mindedness. So, knowing what I know of Larry and the fact he was a bright spot for my friend during one of her more difficult times, I was very disappointed to hear of these allegations against Larry. Now that Larry has been convicted and will likely be go behind bars for these charges, I’m still not going to be quick to jump down his throat. What he did was certainly wrong and he should get some punishment, but I hope he eventually comes out of this learning a good lesson and maybe gets back into the media in some form.


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  1. Jackie said,

    January 19, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    I too worked with Larry Mendte and know him to be a funny, warm and generous man. Something must have pushed him to do this, it is just NOT in his character.

    I was impressed by the way he handled himself through turmoil. He showed class in coming clean. I wish all of those in trouble did that.

    One last thing, why was tyhe FBI and the federal government involved in this case?

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