Some of my friends heard about all my excitement around the holidays when my Gateway laptop crashed and became an expensive paperweight. I did numerous things to try recovering it and got help from our IT guy at work who had no idea how to recover it. I think a virus hit the system because up until the time it died it was going more and more slowly. Around the spring I was thinking it would be nice to have a backup computer for when I didn’t want to take my Mac around with me. I did do some searching and just wanted something extremely simple…something that I could use for the Internet and something I could use to do basic MS Office type functions. Unfortunately pretty much all new PC laptops come with Vista, which I know I wanted to avoid. I ended up getting a Thinkpad from Overstock which ultimately ended up being a defective product. I returned it and decided to see if I could do any restoring of my Gateway myself.

So…a few weeks ago I got a new hard drive from someone on Craig’s List and started looking into a non-Windows operating system, maybe Linux. My brother generally knows more about all these things than I do, but I ended up ordering a CD-ROM of Ubuntu…unfortunately the CD I tried burning from their site didn’t work on my PC. It may have been a Mac/PC thing. So today I got the disc and am right now in the process of installing it. It looks like it’s going well and I’ll see how I like it. I’m just feeling proud of myself today for saving all that $$ and restoring a PC all by myself. Now I’ll need to figure out how to connect it to my Airport. Thankfully I have my Apple Care and can call to bug the Apple people if I have trouble.

I will leave now with some great scenes from Office Space, which I thought were appropriate for this post:


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