Misc Pish Posh

A few things to discuss today. The episodes of 90210 that aired today included the wedding of Steve and Janet. I never caught this episode the first time around and usually I don’t like wedding episodes, but I actually liked this one. The whole episode was a scavenger hunt where the Beverly Hills gang traveled all over town to find clues that eventually led them to this little park where they had a small, very intimate wedding that just included the friends and priest. (and, by the way, the priest was played by Doctor Kelso from Scrubs). The story behind the wedding being small was Janet’s parents still objecting to Steve marrying her and Steve’s parents both out and not caring so much about him. So I loved this episode and the wedding was so much better than any of these overblown weddings they show on TV

And in other news, I was concerned to hear about Morgan Freeman being severely injured in a car crash. I hope he eventually recovers. He’s one of Hollywood’s greats and we’ve lost so many great people in the entertainment world already this year. So here’s sending great and best wishes to Morgan Freeman for a nice, smooth recovery.

I will leave with one of my favorite Morgan Freeman clips, him as Hoke in Driving Miss Daisy.


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