Formula for a Lifetime Movie

Last night I met up with a friend I haven’t been in touch with for over a year. She has had a hell of a time and I was seriously saying that everything she went through would make a fantastic Lifetime movie.

Now that I have cable I’m able to enjoy/laugh at these movies even more and, really, they all have so many similar elements. You will always have one or more of the following going on:

  • Teenage girls being outcast
  • A woman being thrown down the stairs for one reason or another
  • A woman that dates a man with some kind of secret (infidelity, drugs, etc.)
  • A woman being wronged by the man she’s dating in some way
  • Someone dealing with some type of abuse
  • A woman being “the other woman”
  • A woman dealing with self-esteem issues or depression
  • A woman committing a crime and keeping it a secret from everyone until the guilt eats her up inside.
  • A mother and daughter having some type of conflict.
  • Suspense in the story going on until the very end.
  • An emotional court scene or two.

And I know there are more, but I’m not thinking of any more right now.

As for my friend’s story, I will keep her name out, but will give a very basic overview.

H grew up in the United States in the Philadelphia metro area to Greek parents. Since her parents were born and raised in Greece, H has always had a close connection with her heritage.

Fast forward about 20 years and H meets T, a great Greek man who lived in Greece. All through college H kept a long distance relationship with T and a few years after graduation, she tried working with him to get a visa to move to the States. Unfortunately things didn’t work out and H and T split up.

A year later, H met J, a medical student living in New York. Things went well between H and J, but unfortunately, J became possessive of H’s time. H broke up with J and he took it extremely hard and called her obsessively. He then started threatening to steal her identity, telling her that he had her social security number and could destroy her credit and future. She kept telling him to stop, but he wouldn’t. He then texted her cell phone up to 500 times within a month, eventually causing her to get fired from her job. (and at the time, her mom was very sick and she had to have her phone on in case of any emergencies from home)

H eventually had to take J to court. There were proceedings and lawyers, and there was the knowing that any convictions would eventually affect J’s medical career (J was struggling with his classwork and had difficulties passing his boards). J was let off and nothing was put onto his record.

Fast forward a few months, H decides to call T, her old Greek boyfriend. He declares that he still loves her and she still loves him. He’s now working as a pharmaceutical rep traveling the world and has a beautiful home in Greece.


There’s no official ending here yet, T is coming to the States to see H later this month to see how things go. If things do work out, H will be moving to Greece. But I think the story up till this point was really interesting and the Greek element throws some special interest into it. I was saying there might need to be a tiny bit more spice added in. I was thinking there might be a scene where J keeps stalking H and T fights him off.

I was thinking that writing this up into a script and fleshing things out some might be fun to do. At least if it got picked up it could provide me income for a few years and I could quit my day job.

I’m going to leave with a clip from one of the more “entertaining” Lifetime movies:


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  1. August 11, 2008 at 8:34 am

    I think lifetime movies really ring home to a lot of people and there are very few that I haven’t liked. Thanks for the movie clip!

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