And so it begins…

Considering there are still so many racist and crazy folks in this country, it was only a matter of time before threats to Obama’s life started happening (and someone on Huffington Post said there was one before this). There’s serious concern about his safety, especially if he does win the presidency. I did a quick scan of my blog subscriptions to find any extra comments, but here’s the general story:

Man held in Fla. on charge of threatening Obama

By CURT ANDERSON – 5 hours ago

MIAMI (AP) — A man who authorities said was keeping weapons and military-style gear in his hotel room and car appeared in court Thursday on charges he threatened to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

The whole story can be read here.

The guy just sounds like he had lots of mental health problems, including some post-traumatic stress disorder issues, and I saw that he threatened Shrubbie too at some point.

Of course we know this won’t be the end, so we will just take this all one day at a time.

So I will stumble off with a video of something happy, Beautiful Life by Ace of Base.


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