John Edwards admits to an affair

Unless you’re hiding under a rock today, you’ve heard that John Edwards admitted to having an affair, while Elizabeth was going through her cancer treatments too. I’m still processing it all and I know that politicians have affairs all the time, but John Edwards is/was one of very few mainstream candidates I have/had a great deal of respect for. Of course, as I said when Clinton’s affairs came out, his personal life really has no bearing on his professional life and should be an issue for his family, not the American public to deal with. I still do contend this with John Edwards’ confession, but I now feel like I’ve lost a lot of respect for him as a person, but I don’t think he should stop being active in politics. I think I’ve lost a sprinkle of respect for Elizabeth, too, being that she did the same “smiling happily by his side” thing that political wives do, even knowing their husbands shit on them. I still love Elizabeth, though, and can’t stop thinking about her telling off Ann Coulter and generally being a very cool woman. I always felt the same exact way about John Edwards too. As for their politics, I’ve always admired their politics and know that Edwards’ populist views always align so well with mine. Sigh. I guess I’m just feeling sad and kind of confused about all this news.

Unfortunately, I think this means Edwards might want to step back from campaigning for Obama. Hopefully all the flutter of this news will die away in a few weeks and get the news back to the *real* issues like this crazy economy and the war in Iraq.

At this point, I’m walking away with good points from the Edwards family, first Elizabeth telling off Ann Coulter:

and John on Letterman:


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