Blasphemous JCPenney commercial

I cringe so much every time I see this JCPenney commercial:

The Breakfast Club is one of the best.movies.ever and this ad really destroys everything that makes TBC a great movie. I understand they are trying to use it as a marketing tool, but to do so at the expense of John Hughes and the crew behind The Breakfast Club seems so very blasphemous. And the butchering of the Simple Minds theme song is possibly as bad as them butchering the movie. I’m pretty sure that John Bender or Brian Johnson wouldn’t want anything to do with an ad like this with kids that look like they’re trying too hard to be cool or fit into their stereotypical roles way too much. At least when they made The Breakfast Club, each of the characters fit so well into their roles without seeming to try too hard. And each of the scenes they copied for this ad were so integral to the plot that they seem even worse being destroyed like this one by one.

I guess I get upset at this ad kinda for the same reason I get upset about modern Hollywood butchering old TV shows and movies and “modernizing” them. Yes, this is only an ad, but I see this to be just as bad. Now as I’m getting older I suppose I’ll be seeing Hollywood and the entertainment world destroying great classics like this more and more. It’s really so very sad and, I think, a real slap in the face to the original actors that worked so hard to make any of these movies, like The Breakfast Club, so great.


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