New Kids on the Block, Well, Maybe

Sure, it’s kind of old news now, but the New Kids on the Block are back. They have a new look, a US tour and even a new album. Though, as a few of my friends pointed out, should they really be calling themselves New *Kids* on the Block when they’re all almost 40?

And how do I feel about this reunion? I’m not sure how I’ve felt about it all, but I do think it’s kinda cool and I wasn’t at all into going to see their tour, though at least 2 of my friends are seeing their concert. I was a big New Kids on the Block fan, circa 5th/6th grade, and very much got into collecting their merchandise and damn did they have a lot of merchandise. I was mostly a Donnie kinda girl and about 20 years later I’m so proud of the good taste I had. 🙂

As for the merchandise, I can think off the top of my head of what New Kids on the Block stuff I had and thanks to eBay, I found pictures of a bunch of them. And do they feel retro right now.:

  • Lotsa lotsa stickers
  • Large buttons, I had a Donnie one that I later drew all over with a black marker
  • Photobucket

  • Many, many small buttons
  • A Donnie pillowcase (though they only had a picture of a Joey one here)
  • One of those huge sippy water bottles
  • For my birthday during the summer of 5th grade my uncle got me the video of the Step by Step tour, which I watched over and over and over, driving my younger brother crazy since I eventually memorized every line from the video.
  • And I owned tons of New Kids books.
  • And of course I used to read all those silly teen celebrity magazines like Tiger Beat, Teen Beat and Bop to read all about their favorite foods, favorite movies and favorite cars. Embarrassingly I remember a whole lot of Donnie’s favorites. 🙂

    I know I had so much less New Kids stuff than most of my schoolmates, but my junk did make me very happy. 🙂

    I will end all this fun silly reminiscing with some New Kids on the Block music videos, but first a clip from their cartoon (remember that horrible cartoon?):

    Hangin’ Tough

    Funky, Funky Christmas (as performed on Arsenio Hall, remember that guy?)

    Please Don’t Go Girl

    Cover Girl

    And as a special bonus, I’m posting a video from Tommy Page, who also reminds me of that crazy period:



  1. Two Dishes said,

    August 13, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    I liked on the first album when they all sang their zodiac signs!

  2. Celeste said,

    August 15, 2008 at 2:20 am

    How could you post all of those music videos and forget I’ll Be Loving You (Forever)?

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