Tasty and quick fast food

As anyone that knows me knows, I can get so very much into cooking. I’ve tried all types of cuisines, am a collector of cookbooks and subscriber to Vegetarian Times (though I’m not a vegetarian…they really do have fabulous recipes) and Cooking Light. I try to catch the PBS cooking shows like America’s Test Kitchen , Lidia and Ciao Italia. Rachael Ray can be pretty annoying, but I do like watching her show and like her recipes and even have two of her cookbooks. When I do cook I definitely tend towards the food snob side and know where to go to get pretty much any ingredient. Luckily in Philadelphia I have access to many ethnic markets and great farmer’s markets. Reading Terminal Market is pretty much my favorite place in the city, though I don’t get there as often as I’d like.

Anyway, life has been pretty nutty for me lately and I haven’t had the energy nor the real drive to cook like I usually do, especially during the week. So my latest after-a-long-day dinner has been a very quick, easy and generally healthy recipe. I buy some very plain fish, usually flounder or tilapia. These fish are usually pretty inexpensive and have a very light texture. So, after rinsing off my filets, I dry them off using a paper towel and dip them in egg. I’ve actually been using the store brand of Egg Beaters since they don’t require beating, hence are less work for me. 🙂

So, I dip the fish in beaten egg or Egg Beaters and proceed to dip them in a bath of panko. In the meantime, I start to heat up about 1-2 inches of vegetable oil in my deep skillet. I put my panko covered fish in the skillet and let it fry for about 2-3 minutes each side and that is it. They come out good and crispy and I actually like them with some mayonnaise as a topping. I guess it does sound greasy, but it does give me a quick meal that does feel like “junk” food that’s still marginally healthy and doesn’t have me spending money for takeout, which probably is more junky and full of mystery chemicals.

And I usually have either plain blanched spinach on the side or a handful of romaine lettuce tossed with olive oil & red wine vinegar.

That has been my cooking lesson for today, kids. 🙂 And in my usual tradition, I will leave with a video. How about some humor from America’s Test Kitchen:


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