Jackson Browne vs. the McCain campaign

In case you missed this story yesterday, Jackson Browne sues over McCain ad.

The singer-songwriter Jackson Browne has filed suit against Senator John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, over what he says is the unauthorized use of his 1977 hit “Running on Empty” in a McCain campaign commercial shown in Ohio, Mr. Browne’s lawyer said Thursday. The suit, filed in Federal District Court in Los Angeles, seeks unspecified damages as well as an injunction against the use of the song in the commercial, which criticizes Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, for saying that Americans could conserve gasoline by keeping car tires at the proper pressure.

This whole story made me laugh and it’s great that Jackson is sticking it to McCain. It sounds like there’s some confusion on who produced the initial ad, but I think Jackson should continue his fight. Seriously, how dare McCain’s friends use Jackson Browne’s song like that?

I will finish off with a video of Jackson Browne’s song Lives in the Balance played against a backdrop of modern American events…:


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