I love music!

If you are a music/mp3 lover, run over to the Amazon.com’s mp3 Store.

One of my daily online habits has been to check their mp3 Daily Deal. They aren’t always wonderful albums, but I’ve gotten so many albums I’ve wanted, but haven’t gotten, for fantastic prices. This week I got three: Depeche Mode’s double greatest hits album ($3.99), Prince’s 1999 album ($1.99) and today Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins’ Rabbit Fur Coat ($2.99). So, thanks to their great prices I can feed my music habit for a reasonable cost. And they have a nice gaggle of free downloads on Tuesdays and often they’re great artists. And on Fridays they put up 5 albums for $5 and they’re always classic ones too. Amazon.com’s mp3 store is so great compared to iTunes…since I found Amazon.com’s mp3 store I’ve barely bought anything from iTunes.

So, three cheers, again, for Amazon!

I will leave with some Depeche Mode:
Personal Jesus

Enjoy the Silence


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