August & Everything After

I’ve already owned August & Everything After by the Counting Crows for about 15 years now and was happy to see’s mp3 Store offering it on special for $2.99 today. I hope that the sale will invite some younger folks or folks that never got around to buying the album to get it.

August & Everything After has been one of my favorite albums since it came out and I still listen to it on a regular basis (even if it’s through my iPod or iTunes now). Every track has its own special sound and wonderfully crafted lyrics and storytelling by Adam Duritz. We probably all remember the big hit off this album, Mr. Jones, and the video of Adam dancing around in the bar. And actually, my favorite track off the album (if I had to choose a favorite) has always been Round Here. Such a very great, brooding kinda song, really, but I love everything about it and it’s one that I’ve been known to play over and over in a loop to comfort me. Of course I love all the tracks and they segue so well from one to the other. Hopefully August & Everything After will continue to live on as a classic album. So unlimited stars for Adam Duritz & Co and I’ll probably turn it on at some point tonight.

And of course I’m leaving with two videos of songs from August…Round Here and Omaha.

and I’m throwing in Mr. Jones just for fun.

and one of my other favorite Counting Crows song, from their Recovering the Satellites album, A Long December. And notice the video stars Courtney Cox.:


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