Classic TV Shows/Movies

This morning while looking for free online videos of Little Rascals/Our Gang, I stumbled upon like television…only better. They have videos of all kinds of classic TV shows and cartoons as well as some classic movies.

It’s really a great site, the interface isn’t wonderful, but if you’re looking to see old shows like Little Rascals (which is 1930s old), this would be a great place to check out. And with a membership fee ($15/month), it looks like they have some downloads too (among them To Kill A Mockingbird with Gregory Peck). Here’s a brief list of what they have:

TV Shows/cartoons:
Ozzie & Harriet
Dick Van Dyke Show
Andy Griffith
Beverly Hillbillies
Johnny Carson shows
Three Stooges
Betty Boop
Felix the Cat
a whole bunch of old Looney Toons
lotsa old cartoons
and some random modern shows like The Office, Monk

lotsa random old horror flicks
Reefer Madness (hehe 😀 )
Sex Madness sounds like it would be interesting/entertaining, made in 1937:

Sex Madness is an vintage documentary on the repercussions of a loose sexual lifestyle. The movie features a tales of two girls who enter the world of Burlesque Theater and end up needing a doctor’s treatment for assorted venereal diseases. Interesting reflection on the culture of the 1930’s US and the prevailing attitude toward human sexual behavior. Similar to Reefer Madness, only no one goes homicidal!

I’ll end with a classic Our Gang clip, Fishy Tales:

and here’s a reunion of them c1954 on the variety show, You Asked for It:


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