The Bird And The Bee

Since I don’t listen to XPN much anymore since I got my iPod, now I actually have to do my own poking around to discover new artists I might like and sometimes it takes me awhile to discover one that’s been out awhile.

This morning, as part of my normal morning online routine, I went to see what Amazon’s Mp3 Store had as their deeply discounted album. I admit that usually if it’s something I’ve never heard of, I don’t really take time to look at it unless I have the time to really check it out. Well, I’m kinda glad I did take the time this morning.

Today they have the self-titled album by The Bird and the Bee available for $1.99. I went to listen to a sample of a few songs and fell in love with them! One of my more recent newish music obsessions has been The Weepies and The Bird and the Bee definitely has a bit of a Weepies sound, so if you’re into that folksy, sweet kinda sound, take a listen.

Here’s a video of them playing their song Again & Again:

and for good measure, I’ll post a video by The Weepies, Nobody Knows Me At All:


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