Today was, without a question, one of the most surreal days of my life. I went into work, just like any other day. At around 9am my boss called me into his office and told me that, because of budgetary problems with the organization, my position was one that was being eliminated. He was extremely nice about it and felt really bad that this was happening to me. He’s offered to do whatever he could to help me. Everyone felt really bad and I know people were in shock.

So, I went home and immediately went to file my unemployment claim online and put a deferment on my student loan. I did a little mourning. Around lunchtime I called the HR guy from the job I was waiting to hear about (see Anticipation) and he told me that the woman I met with was on vacation last week and he was waiting to hear from her.

I putted around the apartment a little more, watched some Melrose Place., called a few friends at work that I didn’t get to say “bye” to, sent out a ton of resumes for temp jobs.

Around 2:30pm I get a call from the HR guy offering me the job as a grants administrator. I was so very, very happy and accepted right away.

So…it’s been a roller coaster of emotions today and I’m still reeling from it all. I don’t start till Sept. 15th so I have all this time to just sit around watching TV and maybe learn about some of the tasks of the new job. It’s so weird not to have a schedule or have to get up early tomorrow.

And everything today brought to mind Alanis Morrissette’s song, Ironic, except for me, what happened was just the reverse….


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