Democratic Convention – Days 2 & 3

The past 2 days of the Democratic convention have generally been interesting to watch. I have been able to catch the key speeches and right now I’m watching my Rep. Chaka Fattah speaking with Chris Matthews about the importance of Pennsylvania in this election and Matthews asked him about PA voting for Hillary over Obama during our primaries. He gave a good reply and it seems, for the Philly metro area at least, having Fattah, Mayor Michael Nutter & Governor Ed Rendell all drumming support for Obama will be a big boost. I just learned too that Senator Joe Biden’s wife is originally from Willow Grove, which is very cool and might be a good help in the suburbs.

Here are highlights from the past few nights:

Chelsea Clinton’s intro to Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

John Kerry

Joe Biden’s acceptance speech

and Bill Clinton

Finally, some semi-major speeches:

Ed Rendell

Governor Brian Schweitzer (Montana)

and Rep. Patrick Murphy of Bucks County, Pa., the first and only veteran of the Iraq War to serve in Congress:

I will scurry now because Al Gore is speaking. 🙂


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