Baking cookies

After watching Stranger Than Fiction again this weekend, I was really in the mood for fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. So, when I got back from being out of town, I figured I’d bake some up. I did a bunch of my errands and such this morning and came home to bake.

I made plain ol’ chocolate chip cookies, of course. And I was also craving one of my favorites, Butterscotch Scotchies. Unfortunately, butterscotch chips were *extremely* expensive each place I went. So…I ended up twisting up my oatmeal cookies and making oatmeal cookies with Craisins and sunflower seeds since they were already in my cupboard. They actually came out pretty well. A fun little twist to the usual oatmeal raisin cookies. So, if you’re planning to make oatmeal cookies, that might be something different to try.

And for dinner tonight, I’m really doing a throw together thing. I bought some Ronzoni Smart Taste penne and am going to toss that with garlic, olive oil and a can of cannellini beans. And I have some fresh Jersey corn I picked up from a farm stand over the weekend.

On a somewhat blog-related note, I do plan to write up a little blog about McCain and his choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate since I have lots of thoughts on it, but I have been on a Internet news hiatus all weekend.

I will leave with some classic clips of the Cookie Monster:


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