Bill Maher – New Rules

I was delighted at the return of Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday. He had Craig Ferguson, Michele Martin and Jon Corzine on the show 8/29/08.

I was especially glad to hear him talking about John Edwards at the end of his New Rules segment. Of course John Edwards seriously hurt his reputation after news of his affair turned out to be true, but I still kept thinking of him during the Democratic Convention last week. I certainly don’t condone his affair or what he did in his *personal* life, but Bill said pretty much what I was thinking as the Edwards story unfolded and last week in his absence from the Democratic Convention. He really was/is a great voice for the poor and was a great advocate for speaking towards their cause. Not many of the speakers last week spoke about the poor the way John would have.

So, here’s a clip of Bill Maher’s New Rules from last week, he speaks about John Edwards towards the very end:


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