Party of Five

When I got in cable in March, I found this little channel on On Demand called Tube Time that shows classic TV shows. The only ones I really care enough to watch, though, are The Facts of Life and Party of Five.

I never watched Party of Five when it was on and if I recall, this series started the same year My So-Called Life did and I think they ran at the same time. So…I just never got into watching Party of Five, one of my good friends in college always rented out our dorm lounge to watch it when it was on so I always think of her too when I see the show.

I’m really enjoying this show too. Good acting, intelligent characters and it really does have a mid-late 90s kinda feel. The storylines are captivating and interesting to follow and while there are “after school special” type themes sometimes, the writers don’t get overly didactic with them. So, I’m glad to have gotten into this show about 10 years later and am looking forward to seeing how the lives of all these characters unfold.

Here’s the theme song (which I *love*!) and a clip from the show:


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