Thoughts on the new 90210

Over the weekend I finally got around to watching the first 2 episodes of the new 90210 and I really didn’t think it was totally horrible. It started with a premise slightly similar to the old 90210….a family moving to Beverly Hills from a hick area (this time from Kansas). In the new one, though, the family coming into town has an adopted black brother. I guess that’s supposed to be the token of “diversity” in this show? And Becky (Lori Loughlin) of Full House fame plays the mom in that family. It feels more “high school”-y than the original 90210 and the kids are much more risque and have much different types of problems, which both signs of our times more than anything. The old Beverly Hills 90210 feels so campy compared to the new 90210.

Anyway, putting aside that, some of the more “fun” parts for me? You get to see Erin Silver as a teenager. Geeky still-fans of the original 90210 may remember Erin Silver as the half-sister of both David Silver and Kelly Taylor. Also in the first episode you got a brief glimpse of Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez on a TV, who, if you recall is the daughter of Andrea Zuckerman and Jesse Vasquez (who did get divorced eventually).

Also from the old show, you get to see Nat working at the new fangled Peach Pit (which is now called The Pit). He comments in the first episode, “Whatever happened to just plain old coffee?” Hehe. I used to love Nat and am glad to see him back here. In the second episode you see Kelly Taylor’s mom again and it seems she’s fallen back into alcohol abuse and now is causing problems in Erin’s life. And here I thought Mrs. Taylor had finally gotten herself together by the end of Beverly Hills 90210. Erin Silver actually seems like a pretty cool character, not surprising since I really did like David Silver all through the first series and kinda liked Kelly Taylor during most of the first series. She comes from good blood. 🙂

As for the two big returns, of course there’s the big return of Shannen Doherty as Brenda. Apparently she was only slated for four episodes, but this report in the AP says Doherty’s ‘90210’ adventure might continue. I really hope so. Shannen did looked pretty ragged and really looks like she aged more than Jennie Garth, but I was really happy to see Brenda back and I know there are lots of Brenda fans out there still (including me!).

And of course there’s the return of Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor. I wasn’t a huge fan of Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills 90210, but she did have some interesting storylines during the series run. So, it’s nice seeing her here again and it’s interesting seeing what she’s up to now. One of the big questions in the entertainment gossip world now is, Who’s her 4 year old son’s daddy?. Because she says in the 2nd episode it was someone she dated in high school that she hadn’t seen for awhile and had a one night thing with. So, is the daddy Dylan? Steve? Brandon? The child has golden blonde hair so, maybe Steve’s genes would help produce that. But he seemed to have become boring and settled down with Janet (though I did like Janet). So, I’m not so sure about the Steve possibility. As for Brandon, when she had a dinner date with Brenda at The Pit, Nat asked Brenda how Brandon was and she said he’s doing something in Belize now and Kelly said that he called her in the middle of the night from there (actually, isn’t Belize only a few hours different time-zone-wise than California? Anyway…). So, maybe Brandon, but I’d really see Brandon as a guy that would be more present in the child’s life and they’re making it sound like this father is a deadbeat. Which leads me to Dylan. My money is on Dylan being the baby’s daddy. So, I guess we’ll see, but if I were a betting woman I’d put most of it on Dylan and maybe a little on Brandon.

Before I end this, I did catch one of my favorite old Beverly Hills 90210 episodes today. It was the episode where Scott accidentally kills himself. Great episode and handled the subject of an unexpected death really well. I think everyone that watched the old 90210 enjoyed that episode. In it, they’re making up a time capsule that will be opened 50 years later. One thing they throw in there is a floppy disk and Andrea says something like, “I’ll bet this will be an artifact of history 50 years from now.” Heh. Try 15 years later and it’s an artifact.

Anyway, I will leave with a clip from the Scott episode:


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