Bet is off!

In reference to the new 90210:
My bet on Kelly’s baby’s daddy was wrong! She was just talking to a new love interest about the baby’s daddy and it sounds more like it’s Brandon’s. She said he’s a do-gooder and travels all over doing charity work.

So…last week we heard that she was talking to Brandon in Belize. So, maybe I’ll put my money on Brandon now instead of Dylan.

I’m so tired from work today, it’s nice thinking of ditzy things like this.

Oh, and Kelly & Brenda were chatting and Donna has a new baby. As much as Tori Spelling annoys me, I liked Donna on Beverly Hills 90210 and I would have liked to see her on this new 90210. I still think it’d be great if they brought a few of the guys back for cameos too….if Brandon’s the baby daddy I’m guessing we’ll be seeing Jason Priestley.

And BTW, the adopted black son of the new family just got a job at The Pit. I guess that’s like Brandon working at the Peach Pit?


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