Old School Nickelodeon

There’s so many clips of old school Nick shows on YouTube and it’s really cool watching them. I don’t know what kind of crap is on Nick these days, but I know it’s nothing like what was on when I grew up in the 80s and 90s.

Remember You Can’t Do That On Television? Actually, Alanis Morrissette was on there for a brief time too.

Here’s a 3 part clip from their episode called Divorce:

and their Malls episode…damn I loved this show šŸ˜‰

and their locker jokes:

I also found a clip of Out of Control, the show that originally aired in 83/84 but was also rerun ad nauseum in the early 90s, probably because Dave Coulier was on Full House at that time.

And one of Bill Cosby’s Picture Pages:

And an episode of that show Today’s Special about a mannequin that came to life.
This episode is called A Visit To The Opera:

Pinwheel intro

And some clips from Belle & Sebastian:

Some Clarissa Explains It All


Welcome Freshman

Salute Your Shorts


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