VP debate

Well, as predicted, the debate was really painful last night. I was online chatting with friends during the debate, getting nauseous at Sarah Palin spouting the same ol’ rhetoric, misstating facts, dodging questions and using her folksy lingo. Meanwhile Joe Biden spoke intelligently, bringing up what he and Obama would be doing to change how things are run in Washington. My friend really had a great blog today about the debate, so I’ll refer you to read her post since it sums up most of my thoughts (on a new blog…so, support my fellow blogging friend 🙂 ):

Debate? Are you sure that’s what I watched last night?.

Also, one of my friends pointed me to this article on Slate.com. It was written before the debate, but it’s still relevant. If you’re a grammar/writing guru (like I can be when I’m in the mood), check out The sentences of Sarah Palin, diagrammed. It’s a pretty interesting read.

Finally, here’s a little flow chart of the debate:

Here’s Olbermann’s brief summary of the debate:

A great Joe Biden moment last night:

A compilation of Palin winking last night

and Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on SNL:


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