Network shows canceled in their prime

And now that I think of it, it’s generally ABC that has canceled quality shows prematurely.

Sunday night during a commercial break in Desperate Housewives, I learned that one of my favorite shows, Boston Legal, is entering its final season (season 5). WTF? Unfortunately I don’t catch Boston Legal enough because it’s on past my bedtime, but I always take it out from Netflix when the new seasons are released. It’s such an awesome and timely show, I always like that their cases have gone with what’s going on in the country…intelligent design, terrorism, homophobia, etc. and James Spader plays such a great lawyer and argues so well for important causes. If I ever need a lawyer, I’d want Alan Shore representing my case. And I love the friendship between Alan Shore and Denny Crane. William Shatner’s Denny Crane is a great and funny character too. Boston Legal and its actors have deserved all the Emmys they won.

So, ABC seems to be making another mistake by canceling a great show after only 5 seasons. Of course now Scrubs is supposed to be coming to ABC for its final season (and of course I don’t like that NBC has treated Scrubs like crap and does this to them in the last season).

At least, though, ABC gave Boston Legal five good years and didn’t cancel it after 19 episodes like they did with My So-Called Life or after 12 episodes like Freaks and Geeks.

I will leave with clips from these good shows that were canceled in their prime:
Boston Legal – James Spader’s character Alan Shore talks about the US government keeping the truth from their citizens:

Boston Legal – Jerry Espenson, the character with Asperger’s:

My So-Called Life, the pilot episode:

Freaks & Geeks:


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