Trader Joe’s doozies

I am a huge Trader Joe’s fan and always love to try new things there. I have my favorites, of course, and i’m always finding new favorites. I could write a several page long post about my favorites. Now that I come home later and don’t have much energy to cook after work, I love Trader Joe’s for quick meals and microwaveable, frozen foods since I know their food isn’t chock full of unidentifiable chemicals like convenience foods from traditional grocery stores are (and TJ’s doesn’t break my bank like Whole Foods tends to).

Anyway, I had one of the rare doozies tonight. They were the portobello, asagio, marscapone cheese ravioli. I guess I was expecting more cheese? But they really weren’t wonderful. I have more left and will have the rest for dinner tomorrow (in these times, I can’t waste food), but I won’t be buying these again.

Thinking of doozies, I mean doozers.


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  1. onely said,

    November 4, 2008 at 4:08 am

    Love Trader Joe’s. And it’s less expensive than Whole Foods. And if you buy an acorn squash with two stickers over rotten spots, they give you a new acorn squash free! –CC

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