Phone banking for Obama

During this election cycle I haven’t done as much volunteering as I did during the 2004 election. There are a few reasons for it, I won’t go into them, but I haven’t gotten around to doing anything until today. I was going to do some canvassing, but I ended up using this phone bank tool and making calls from home. I made about 75 calls today. Most of the people weren’t home and I left messages. I had one guy say he was voting for McCain, some people wouldn’t tell me who they were voting for and many were enthusiastically supportive of Obama. My lists were varied. Some had me calling areas in Berks County and Lancaster County, some were folks on the Main Line, Norristown and areas of Chester County.

I generally don’t feel comfortable cold calling people, the folks saying they didn’t want to be bothered threw me off. Of course, coming from someone that receives calls, I do understand their feelings about getting call after call after call. But there is an occasional person who you are really able to help that can make a real difference. One person said that her family had moved recently and was planning to vote at her old polling place. I did know that that’s what they should do and gave her the polling place for her daughter at their new home (their daughter was the one I was making the call for).

Anyway, I’m finished for the day. I might make some calls tomorrow night if I have energy. I will leave with a few phone call appropriate tunes:

Call Me by Blondie

Telephone Hour Bye Bye Birdie


1 Comment

  1. onely said,

    November 4, 2008 at 4:05 am

    Good job! I’m afraid to cold call people. Although to think about it, I would have much preferred to have ACTUAL people calling me than all these robo-calls. I can’t actually think of a single live person who called me. And I do believe that all of the robocalls I received were from the Republicans. Is that possible? Maybe I have a memory bias.

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