Boston Legal again

This week from Netflix, I got the latest season of Boston Legal, which is now in its last season. I love Boston Legal and never get to watch it during the normal airing since it’s on past my bedtime.

I did get a boost out of my cynicism after Obama’s election, but I think my general cynicism about the way media works still lives. I think that ABC doesn’t like having a show like Boston Legal that’s actually 1) intelligent and 2) isn’t scared to really legitimately criticize the government. Part of me thinks these may reasons why ABC wants to be rid of BL. I don’t think BL will become irrelevant though after the Bush years. That was my thought initially for why it might be getting cancelled, but I’m sure more material would come up for them to do good cases on.

If I’m not mistaken, Boston Legal has seemed to get more and more critical of the current political climate. James Spader’s character, Alan Shore, really stands out as one of those rare lawyers that is actually in it for the true good will of his clients and the society at large, while really attacking the injustice in the politics of today. He always gets cases that are dead on with what’s going on in the news at the time. I just watched an episode where Alan Shore had the opportunity, in front of the U.S. Supreme Court, to represent a mentally handicapped man being sentenced to death for allegedly raping a child. In his argument, he ended up going off on the US Supreme Court and how they really are following their own ideology rather than actual justice. Here’s his speech:

[livevideo id=BDB754D9D649445783C70D8AD7480A8C/603492/alan-shore-argues-before-the-s.aspx]
Alan Shore argues before the Supreme Court

This current election:

On euthanasia:

Passive euthanasia closing from Boston Legal’s “The Mighty Rogues”

And here are few more clips of this important and necessary show.:

On prescription drugs:

Jerry Esponson’s character:


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