Goodbye to Bushisms

I’m sure we’ll get at least a few more Bushisms as Bush ends his terms and, maybe we’ll get more after he leaves. There was a funny article on 23/6 this week, Bush has two regrets; We provide the other 37. Their list,

A Quick List Of Stuff George Bush Should Regret
(Off The Tops Of Our Heads)

1. His existence
2. His decision to go into politics
3. Not learning how to better run oil companies so he wouldn’t have to go into politics
4. His decision to run for president
5. His decision to run for a second term as president
6. Every word spoken into a microphone since January 20th, 2001
7. That time in 2001 when he shouted at Dick Cheney, “You know what, screw it. You run the country if you’re so smart!”
8. Ignoring the way Alberto Gonzales was always saying, “Geneva Convention, Schmeneva Schmonvention!”
9. Those times when he let Donald Rumsfeld make decisions
10. Revealing the identity of a covert CIA operative. Not cool!
11. That time when he said “Osama, Saddam. What’s the damn difference?”
12. Letting the country fall into economic ruin
13. Not getting Scooter Libby to take the fall for some more stuff
14. That “wait for this to blow over” position on Katrina
15. Not learning how to keep from smirking while addressing the nation about certain issues, such as Katrina
16. Not figuring out how to control the weather to keep Katrina from happening
17. Not giving more people hilarious nicknames, like “Turd Blossom”
18. That “Iraq” kerfuffle
19. Not giving more speeches in front of banners that read, “Danger: Under Construction” or “Not Finished” or “This Mission is going to take at least six or seven years, if we’re lucky!”
20. Saying, “all right Harriet, you’ve talked me into it.”
21. Never really savoring the good moments.
22. Giving up alcohol
23. Giving up coke
24. Going back on coke
25. Giving it up again
26. Betting Cheney $1,000 they’d lose in 2004
27. Not getting to know Terri Schiavo better
28. Not constantly losing wars
29. Beating Dad’s “years in office” record.
30. Thinking, what the heck, it’s just a pretzel
31. Not flipping the bird more often at Cindy Sheehan from behind the tinted windows of his passing limo
32. Not taking it as a bad sign that Karl Rove has a forked tongue
33. Responding to a report titled “Osama Bin Laden Determined to Strike Inside The United States” by repeating the title in a mocking, high-pitched voice that made Cheney laugh real hard
34. Not saying, “Brownie, we should sit down for a performance review in the next week or so”
35. Not calling it, “No Super-Gifted Child Left Behind”
36. Those twenty or twenty-five times when he should have offered his resignation but decided to “wait it out”
37. Not doing more to avoid the inevitable indictments sure to come next February once they start finding out about “the real bad stuff”

I will leave with video clips of my favorite Bush-isms:

And a video of Stephen Colbert roasting Bush: