If you think E-Harmony ads are bad…

A few weeks ago I was looking to see if there were any people satirizing those cheesy E-Harmony ads on YouTube and there weren’t any really wonderful ones. Well, today in my recommendations, they recommended all these TV ads for a dating service called Together Dating. The ads here are all from the ’80s. So, the ads are bad and I guess they’re professional matchmakers? They say they are professionals at “introductions.” Still, it’s an interesting history of dating services. Here are their ads.

The first one is really creepy. So, are those kids getting married by age 16? They look about 10ish? Hmm….

The mustache guy is creepy and check out everyone’s hair…you can tell how dated this is!

Look how sad all these people are. Boo hoo!

This one isn’t too special:

I love how they both wear yellow shirts in this one:

Check out the car phone!