Tim Burton’s Take On Alice in Wonderland

Last week I came upon an article that Tim Burton will be doing an adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

The blog INFDaily has some First Looks at Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. It will be a mix of live action and CGI animation, which will be really interesting to watch. And, of course, Tim Burton’s favorite Johnny Depp will be in this film playing the Mad Hatter! He’s always so perfect for the roles he gets cast for in Burton’s films and I can totally see him as the Mad Hatter. Playing the White Queen will be Anne Hathaway and playing the Red Queen will be Helena Bonham Carter. To get a little take on the two Queens, read the Queen Alice chapter from Through the Looking Glass.

It seems the film will be closely based on Carroll’s works, so I’m really anxious for it to come out. Unfortunately it won’t hit theaters till sometime in 2010, but it sounds like it will be great. I’ve always loved the Alice stories, and of course anything Lewis Carroll, and almost did my senior seminar on Alice stories and other nonsense stories. I always get excited to see Lewis Carroll artifacts or anything related to his work and I love the idea of Tim Burton taking this project on. I generally like Tim Burton’s work and like that he doesn’t butcher original works like Disney does. I liked that his Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was actually based on the Roald Dahl book more than the 70s film with Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka. Of course I loved the old 70s Willy Wonka (I could swear the creators of that one had drugs on the brain, it’s so very trippy), but Burton’s was more Dahl (who was also pretty trippy in his own way).

Anyway, I found an online version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland. There are also online versions full with John Tenniel’s illustrations, here’s Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass. I still love browsing through these stories.

I will leave with some clips from the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland , which is probably the only Disney movie I actually like, even though it isn’t that close to the original Carroll book.:
The Merry Unbirthday Party

The Walrus and the Carpenter

The Caterpillar

The Cheshire Cat


Hello children!

Another little memorial blog, now for Mr. Isaac Hayes, who passed away today. You can find a nice overview of his life on Wikipedia or on his own website.

So, may Isaac Hayes rest in peace and his family & friends take comfort during this difficult time. And some snippets from the great work he has left behind,

Walk on By, performed at the Music Scene:

As the voice of the Shaft theme:

and of course as Chef on South Park:
Chocolate Salty Balls:

Vegging out

I have not had a full weekend to completely veg out in a long time. And I’m trying not to feel guilty about it. I actually do have some things I need to work on, but I generally want to try staying around and really refresh. As of now I just want to have a Sex & The City marathon and use some of the goodies I got from Lush. Tonight I used the Cupcake mask which smells so very yummy.

Signing off with some clips of Clueless (set to music from the soundtrack), one of my favorite movies and one I’m going to try fitting in this weekend:

High Fidelity

Today I finally got around to watching High Fidelity all the way through. I generally like John Cusak and dig his characters. He played the brooding, introspective Rob here that recalls all his past relationships and wonders where everything went wrong. I really wasn’t wild about the character of Laura, who he ended up getting into this spiral over, but I enjoyed following the story of him getting to this point.

I especially loved the record store Rob owned and he and his friends’ obsession talking about music and talking so geekily about different artists. Jack Black gave a great performance, playing a wacky character he’s generally good at playing. The general soundtrack to the film went along well with the whole story.

In more “Please let it die” news…

I was a huge X-Files fan until David Duchovny left the show. Seriously, what is X-Files without David Duchovny? So, when I heard about the X-Files movie that was coming out this year I was really disappointed. I love X-Files, but the show ended 6 years ago and I really think it’s time to move on. I’m definitely glad they’re still using David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, but just let the show rest already. I’ll probably end up renting the film from Netflix since I’m curious, but I really hope this will be it.

In other “let it die” news, I saw this on the Entertainment Weekly blog today:

Will you see Scream 4?
From the article:
Scream 4 is an apparent go, eight years after the last installment hit theaters. The news was buried in reports about Showtime’s new deal to be the home of the Weinstein Co.’s and Dimension Films’ pay-cable premieres. I haven’t read any details about the movie — it’s not even listed on IMDB yet, so you know it’s in the early stages — but I’m already wondering if I’ll see it. I’ve stopped doing horror (I like to sleep at night), but I could be talked into it. I saw the first three films, during daylight hours, and I’m a sucker for a self-referential script. What about you?

I did like the first two Scream films, but this is another one that I really didn’t want to see resurrected almost 10 years later. Knowing the Scream writers, though, they might poke fun at the next sequel following after so many years, but eh. Can we please come up with more creative ideas for films rather than rehashing old TV shows and film series? And about this Get Smart movie? I love Steve Carrell, but this film really butchers the old show. On the Get Smart TV show, Agent 99 and Maxwell Smart were about the same age. In the film adaptation? How about the age difference between Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway?