Heat wave…again.

It looks like we’re getting another heat wave in Philadelphia. It looks like it will be for the next few days. I hate these heat waves. I always want to camp in my apartment watching TV, but of course I have to live my life.

Tomorrow I have some job related ventures. One interview at a non-profit and a meeting with a staffing agency. I need to get some grocery shopping in too. The cost of everything is so insane lately. I use one credit card only for gas and my bill has gone up so much since last time. I did, though, get a BP gift card so that will help with at least one tank of gas. I’m glad I got the BP card. I was using the AAA card for my gas for awhile, but the BP one has this great reward benefit. Plus there are BPs all over the place and they’re one of the most environmentally friendly gas company.

Over last weekend I ordered the whole series of Arrested Development and I’ve received seasons 1 and 3 so far. Maybe I’ll be lucky to get season 2 by the weekend. So maybe over the weekend during my downtime I’ll get to camp out and watch them.