Interview results

I think I did really well in the interview I had today. I’m writing up my “thank yous” right now. I’ve tried not getting too excited about good interviews lately, though, because I keep getting disappointed.

Earlier this year I sold all my Friends DVDs, but I keep thinking about episodes during the first season when Rachel is struggling trying to find a job in fashion. There was the one interview she thought went really well, but they went around and hired someone else. It was that episode where they were all playing poker. I love the poker part of the episode too. 🙂 Of course, that guy Mark ended up finding her a job, but up until that point, I can totally empathize.

I was happy to find that episode here on YouTube…in 3 parts.:

Anyway, I have been appreciating Rachel’s character so much more lately. I used to love Phoebe the best. I still like Phoebe’s character, but, really, I love the storylines with Rachel too. I’ve been thinking of the one where she has the eye issues too…that is completely me too.

I found a clip of that too: