Prop 8 and other BS

I don’t live in California, I’ve never been to California. But I’m puzzled about how Prop 8 was passed in California. In fact, I’m confused about any of these anti-gay marriage amendments can be passed. Seriously. How can 2 people in love getting married hurt anyone else’s marriage or life? I can’t really express well my disturbance about these ballot measures, but last night Keith Olbermann put most of my thoughts into words:

You can read the text of his words at the link above.

If you’re interested in protesting the Prop 8 verdict where you live, there are protests all across the country this Saturday. You can find more information here.


Late night pish posh…

It’s 11:30pm and I’ve had a pretty busy and different day so I’m settling down by reading blogs in my Google Reader. Some interesting posts I came upon tonight….

Feministing: Hallmark offers same-sex wedding greeting cards

It looks like Hallmark is targeting a new consumer.

While the language doesn’t directly refer to marriage (considering the fact that two states in this country actually recognize gay marriage), they were created shortly after California legalized. The cards have mushy language that could apply to marriage or civil unions like, “Two hearts. One promise.”

But, but…it’s Hallmark! The corporate monster that commercializes (and banks off of) every holiday to the point of puking, not to mention serves as a huge contributor to the heteronormative machine (Valentine’s Day, etc.).

That being said, this has to be more a good thing than bad, no? Thoughts? Has anyone seen any of these cards?

Feministing: Limbaugh calls Obama a “little black man-child”

On his radio show yesterday, Rush Limbaugh said,

Obama’s patriotism is not being attacked in an ad. McCain’s just out there saying he’s putting his own personal political ambition ahead of the country’s. It’s — you know, it’s just — it’s just we can’t hit the girl. I don’t care how far feminism’s saying, you can’t hit the girl, and you can’t — you can’t criticize the little black man-child. You just can’t do it, ’cause it’s just not right. It’s not fair. He’s such a victim


Pandagon: The homophobe/womb control heads to Denver

Good lord, this is going to be a zoo. (Christian Newswire):

Randall Terry States:

“A group of pro-life activists will get arrested – perhaps more than once – in order to draw focus to Obama’s hard core support of child-killing. We will definitely be arrested on Tuesday, August 26 at a location to be announced – and perhaps sooner.

“We intend to be “Party Crashers” to disrupt a number of DNC events, including, but not limited to: the Interfaith Gathering; Opening Reception; African American Caucus; Hispanic Caucus; Women’s Caucus; Faith Forum; the Opening of the DNC; and more.

Also, the brochures, “Real Solutions for the Negro Problem” and “Is it Immoral to Vote for Obama for President?” can be read at

Not to be topped, the freaks from Operation Save America (founded by Terry), led by the unhinged Flip Benham, plan to be there. Flip and his crew of homophobes have descended on NC Pride in Durham for the last couple of years, and they didn’t convert anyone—all everyone did was laugh at the ridiculous schtick.

Ricky Martin Always Wanted To Be a Dad

Philadelphia Will Do: Larry Mendte Didn’t Need To Get Alycia Lane’s Bikini Photos

from Larry Mendte’ s statement:

Let me explain. This whole episode started five years ago when Alycia Lane came to Philadelphia. Almost immediately, Dawn heard rumors that Alycia and I were a little too close and she should watch out.

The rumors were true. Alycia and I had a flirtatious, unprofessional, and improper relationship.

Dawn found proof of that relationship when she waited in my office on New Years Day 2005 and read emails that I had left out on my desk, emails between Alycia and me that confirmed her suspicions.

Dawn confronted me with the emails. I told her the truth. I told her I loved her, and I apologized. I then immediately stopped having long dinners with Alycia, staying out late with Alycia, and I stopped allowing her to come into my office to do her makeup everyday.

The relationship that was once close quickly turned into a personal feud….

McCain: A politician you can mock:

News that made me very happy today

I was actually very happy at this news several months ago, but I’m happy today at the update.
Ellen DeGenres marries Portia DeRossi.

In case you missed it several months ago (May), Ellen announced her wedding plans on her show:

And it’s so very cool seeing how happy & emotional she gets about the announcement and her upcoming nuptials.

On a slightly related note, if you missed Ellen confronting John McCain on the gay marriage issue, check it out. She did such a great job with this interview:

So, Ellen rocks so much and I wish Ellen & Portia a great future.