Today was, without a question, one of the most surreal days of my life. I went into work, just like any other day. At around 9am my boss called me into his office and told me that, because of budgetary problems with the organization, my position was one that was being eliminated. He was extremely nice about it and felt really bad that this was happening to me. He’s offered to do whatever he could to help me. Everyone felt really bad and I know people were in shock.

So, I went home and immediately went to file my unemployment claim online and put a deferment on my student loan. I did a little mourning. Around lunchtime I called the HR guy from the job I was waiting to hear about (see Anticipation) and he told me that the woman I met with was on vacation last week and he was waiting to hear from her.

I putted around the apartment a little more, watched some Melrose Place., called a few friends at work that I didn’t get to say “bye” to, sent out a ton of resumes for temp jobs.

Around 2:30pm I get a call from the HR guy offering me the job as a grants administrator. I was so very, very happy and accepted right away.

So…it’s been a roller coaster of emotions today and I’m still reeling from it all. I don’t start till Sept. 15th so I have all this time to just sit around watching TV and maybe learn about some of the tasks of the new job. It’s so weird not to have a schedule or have to get up early tomorrow.

And everything today brought to mind Alanis Morrissette’s song, Ironic, except for me, what happened was just the reverse….



I had an interview last Friday that I think went well, I try not to get too excited. Anyway, I got a call yesterday asking for my references and the HR guy called them all late yesterday.

The woman I interviewed with is in vacation this week so I don’t know what’s going on. But I really hate waiting. I’m going to be doing lotsa lotsa pacing this weekend.

I’ll leave with Anticipation by Carly Simon, seems appropriate:

Interview results

I think I did really well in the interview I had today. I’m writing up my “thank yous” right now. I’ve tried not getting too excited about good interviews lately, though, because I keep getting disappointed.

Earlier this year I sold all my Friends DVDs, but I keep thinking about episodes during the first season when Rachel is struggling trying to find a job in fashion. There was the one interview she thought went really well, but they went around and hired someone else. It was that episode where they were all playing poker. I love the poker part of the episode too. 🙂 Of course, that guy Mark ended up finding her a job, but up until that point, I can totally empathize.

I was happy to find that episode here on YouTube…in 3 parts.:

Anyway, I have been appreciating Rachel’s character so much more lately. I used to love Phoebe the best. I still like Phoebe’s character, but, really, I love the storylines with Rachel too. I’ve been thinking of the one where she has the eye issues too…that is completely me too.

I found a clip of that too:

Flooding of interviews

High class problem of the day, apparently my newly fashioned resume has gone over really well and I’m getting many interviews. That’s definitely good news, right? The only problem is trying to schedule interviews between my work schedule. I mean, I really can leave work for so many doctor’s appointments and it would be kinda nice to have some vacation time accrued when I leave so I can cash those hours in.

I think my boss knows I’m looking too. He knows I’m not happy with this whole nonsense with the phones.

Well, the good news is that it looks like I’ll be off this weekend. The one good thing with the phone nonsense was that it gave me days off during the week so I didn’t have this problem.

Complete idiot’s guide

I was intrigued by this chapter…it sounds very, very familiar!

The Unreasonable Demands Boss

Jessie Helms & the 4th

I’m trying to think if there’s some type of dramatic irony that Jesse Helms died today, on the 4th of July. But we certainly weren’t better having known him.

In other news, I had to work today…there were no phone calls. This executive director has such insanely bad management skills I’m just hoping that eventually our corporate office in Pittsburgh will realize that she’s the reason there’s been so much turnover this year. But hopefully by then I’ll be gone. I got help from another friend in pumping up my resume so hopefully that will give me even more bites. I’ve gotten some more rejection letters, but am hoping that one of the two jobs I’m interviewing for will work out. I’m just getting so tired of looking.

Anyway, my cat Sylvia is sitting next to me staring very intently so I need to do something to appease her.

Things that suck about job hunting

I found this after doing a Google search for “job hunting hard.”
Things that suck about job hunting

I liked a whole bunch, especially:
Having to write a “personal statement” when really, all you want is a decent job that pays well and some coworkers that don’t suck.

Looking at job listings online and they’re filled with stupid “WORK FROM HOME” listings and other useless garbage.

Knowing that one or two page document isn’t going to sum you up as a person or a worker, but you’re forced to make one anyway.

Not finding ANY job postings that are suited to what you do in ANY way for weeks on end.

Having people asking you “How is the job hunt going?” over and over.

Finding a great job to apply for and you make it to the interview, they basically tell you that you’re the best person for the job so you get all excited and then they hire someone else.

Interviews that you know aren’t going well within the first two seconds, but you can’t get up and run screaming from the place.

Having EVERYTHING go wrong the day of your interview, so you show up late, not at all, or on fire.

Job posting requirements made by the HR department instead of the actual department you’ll be working for, so they make no sense and ask for tons of things that only robots have.

Being thanked for your time after the interview when it’s just been one big waste of time and you both know it.

Being interviewed by about five people all at once, with them asking you questions, scribbling down what you answer with and then whispering amongst themselves.

Not being able to find the way into the building, or where the reception area is, so you’re wandering around outside in front of the all the office windows looking like some sort of crazed idiot.

Having to go to about ten different interviews for one company because their interviewing process is SO stupid and every level of the organization just HAS to get involved.

Guilty Pleasures

Well, I’m going to be starting on my wacky schedule soon. I’m hoping things will be resolved soon.

On another note, I’ve been watching Saved By the Bell at night instead of Jeopardy! I never watched Saved By the Bell when it was on, but it is weirdly interesting to watch. Right now there’s a very young Tori Spelling on playing the girlfriend of Screech.

And tonight I’m planning to watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager. I know it looks like such a horribly bad, sappy, cheesy, (insert more synonyms here) show but I am strangely intrigued. Maybe it’s because it’s written by Brenda Hampton of 7th Heaven fame. I used to watch that show simply to watch how bad it was…very train wreck-like. And I’m suspecting this show will have that same train wreck affect. I’m curious too that Molly Ringwald is playing a major part.

Apart from that, the job at Project HOME was filled, but I have 2 interviews coming up. So here’s hoping. This past weekend I went to see my friend Kim in New York on Saturday. We didn’t do much, just walked around in Chelsea. And I got me some Krispy Kremes and goodies from Zaro’s. I also got some beauty products from Lush, namely their Cupcake mask and their Brazened Honey mask and a bottle of their Curly Wurly shampoo. My Bolt ride went well…they were running 15 minutes late in the morning, but it went very smoothly on my way back. I talked to my friend Izabella over the weekend too. She sounds like she’s doing ok in Galway…she was working at a US company that just laid her off, though. But she was pretty much talking me into moving to Europe. I’ve always been tempted to just pick up and move somewhere where I don’t know anyone, but I don’t think I’d ever have the nerve to actually do it. Anyway, she said there are lots of other Polish people in Galway and that everyone’s just *really* nice. She liked Dublin better, mostly because they had more salsa clubs and it was bigger, but she still likes Galway.

Sunday I was supposed to see Sex & the City with Laura, but she canceled so I just stayed home and did job hunting. I ended up making some steak tacos, using soft tortillas, but they turned out too spicy, even for me. No other wildly fun cooking things this week. Today I made bratwurst simmered in Yuengling and topped with caramelized onions. That’s not that wildly exciting, but it does taste good.

Will blog again later. Can’t wait to see what happens with this pregnancy scare on The Secret Life of the American Teenager!


Well, I ended up having a very fun and busy weekend. It’ll be a real bummer going back to work this week. I contacted a few places I had interviews with and they’re all still making their decisions. Damn that waiting.

So, yesterday morning I did my job hunting while sitting at Chestnut Hill Coffee. That has become a pretty cool routine that I’m going to keep doing (well, actually, I hope that I get a new job soon so I won’t have to keep doing this). Then I went with the church to Project HOME. Good time there. And today I met with my friend Allie & her husband for dim sum at Joy Tsin Lau and got some goodies from Reading Terminal Market. I did get some good relaxing in too so….yeah. I’m still thinking about the really good salmon I got. And my cats have been extra cute all weekend.

This week

I probably should have posted last week when I heard the sad news about Tim Russert. Besides the news about Tim Russert, I had 2 interviews this week. So we’ll see.

Right now I’m watching Home Improvement. I haven’t watched this in forever. I think I used to get upset about all this macho stuff Tim Allen put on, but I do like watching it for the scenes where Tim talks to Wilson and garbles up what he’s been told. I remember my crazy cousin Terri used to have a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. He’s pretty much popped off the face of the earth these days. I don’t think Hollywood misses him too much. And Tim Allen has been in such embarrassing movies since this show went off. He should have disappeared from Hollywood too.

Well, I’m looking forward to a fun weekend. I will report about it later.

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