Obama support in the Philly burbs

I needed to return some clothes to the mall today, at a department store, in the one of the further out ‘burbs of Philly. On the weekends I carry my casual purse adorned with a nice, big Obama button. So, when I went into JcPenney’s today, the girl processing my return commented that she loved my Obama button and always gets happy when she sees people come in with Obama gear. I said something back about how she probably barely sees Obama stuff around there, but actually, she said she’s only seen one piece of McCain gear and mostly Obama gear while she’s working there. As I walked away, I went browsing clothes and overheard the conversation continuing between her, one of the other cashiers and another customer. It seemed that the one cashier has been mostly on the fence, but is leaning more and more towards Obama since she knows that a vote for McCain will be a vote for more of the same failed policies of Bush and more war. The other customer went on about how the Iraq war never should have happened since they didn’t do anything to have us go after them….So it seems, in that area of the ‘burbs Obama support is doing well. I also got a compliment from the cashier in PetSmart on my Obama button.

On the way back, I stopped at an Obama headquarters that, interestingly, is only a block from my former workplace. The HQ was packed with volunteers and I stopped in to see about getting a sign. The volunteer I spoke with said that, interestingly, they’re all out of all their Obama gear and all the other Obama HQs in the ‘burbs have run out of gear too. So, luckily I just have an Obama sign from the primaries that I’ll use for now, but I think that they’re out might be a good sign.

Finally, I stopped at our local Acme for groceries and as I was getting a shopping cart, I ended up having a brief discussion with two people about the debate last night and they both thought Obama did so much better than McCain (well, considering my neighborhood will probably go for Obama about 98%, I wasn’t surprised). And of course there was a table of people registering voters and I stopped to ask how well they were doing, and they said they have registered a few people today.

So, a morning of what would have been boring errands ended up going pretty interesting.

Here’s a picture of my magic purse: