Latest celebrity crush

I haven’t really had any wild celebrity crushes since Jared Leto, when he played Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life.

from My So-Called Life in 1994


I still think he’s cute, but I generally like him better with maybe a little stubble and not overly greasy. I don’t follow him, though, as much as I did in the years after My So-Called Life went off the air.

My latest celebrity crush, though, is on Jason Bateman. I was too young to have one of those crushes on him in the 80s when he was on silly shows like Silver Spoons or Valerie. He has gotten my attention recently after his great performance in Juno and in my rediscovery of Arrested Development. He’s certainly one that has gotten better looking with age. I don’t understand the hype about the young Jason Bateman, but he’s really aged well. Besides his physical attractiveness, he always plays such great characters and really fits well into the roles he plays.

Jason Bateman then, with sister Justine:

Jason Bateman now: