Chris Matthews for PA Senate?

I heard something about this last week and am just getting around to finding some speculative stories about it. The rumor (I’m gathering that it’s still just a rumor) is that Chris Matthews is planning to re-establish PA residency and run as a Democrat against Arlen Specter in 2010.

I have a few thoughts on this rumor. First, I did get some optimism after seeing Barack Obama win the Presidency, but I think with someone like Arlen Specter that has been in the Senate forever and still has lots of respect in PA (I’m certainly not fond of him, especially since he’s become more chummy with Bush and because of his behavior while campaigning for McCain in PA). For anyone to unseat Arlen Specter seems like an upward battle.

Also, I know there are many excellent Democrats serving in other PA offices that might better serve us since they’ve been here to know our issues and needs.

So for now, we’ll see what happens, but of course, if it came down to Chris Matthews against Arlen Specter, I wouldn’t hesitate to do everything I could to get Chris Matthews elected.

I saw the story being discussed by Jason Linkins on Huffington Post today:

Specter V. Matthews: Potential Matchup Polled

It’s no wonder that Chris Matthews is making bold vows about wanting “to do everything I can to make [the Obama] Presidency work.” As it turns out, preliminary polls indicate that Matthews is going to be in need of some of that “Barack bounce,” if he wants to fulfill his longstanding dream of being elected to the United States Senate on the basis of his tireless protestations that he is the only person in America who truly understands the working class. According to a new poll from Public Policy Polling, Matthews has barely a pulse in a projected matchup with incumbent Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, trailing him 40-27%.

Of course, forty percent is really no great shakes for an incumbent who could end up getting targeted from the right for bruising primary battle similar to the one he endured in 2004. But as terrifying as it is to consider the prospect of Chris Matthews serving in the United States Senate, I’m sort of dying to see these two in a debate. Given Matthews propensity for recalling picayune moments of governmental history and Specter’s well-versed expertise in citing intensely obscure legal precedent, it would likely be the Death Race 2000 of political trivia contests.

I’ll leave with a video that Keith Olbermann referred me to last night. If you played old school Nintendo (which I still contend was the best version Nintendo!), you’d appreciate this. It’s Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt to the tune of the 2008 presidential election: