Chris Matthews for PA Senate?

I heard something about this last week and am just getting around to finding some speculative stories about it. The rumor (I’m gathering that it’s still just a rumor) is that Chris Matthews is planning to re-establish PA residency and run as a Democrat against Arlen Specter in 2010.

I have a few thoughts on this rumor. First, I did get some optimism after seeing Barack Obama win the Presidency, but I think with someone like Arlen Specter that has been in the Senate forever and still has lots of respect in PA (I’m certainly not fond of him, especially since he’s become more chummy with Bush and because of his behavior while campaigning for McCain in PA). For anyone to unseat Arlen Specter seems like an upward battle.

Also, I know there are many excellent Democrats serving in other PA offices that might better serve us since they’ve been here to know our issues and needs.

So for now, we’ll see what happens, but of course, if it came down to Chris Matthews against Arlen Specter, I wouldn’t hesitate to do everything I could to get Chris Matthews elected.

I saw the story being discussed by Jason Linkins on Huffington Post today:

Specter V. Matthews: Potential Matchup Polled

It’s no wonder that Chris Matthews is making bold vows about wanting “to do everything I can to make [the Obama] Presidency work.” As it turns out, preliminary polls indicate that Matthews is going to be in need of some of that “Barack bounce,” if he wants to fulfill his longstanding dream of being elected to the United States Senate on the basis of his tireless protestations that he is the only person in America who truly understands the working class. According to a new poll from Public Policy Polling, Matthews has barely a pulse in a projected matchup with incumbent Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, trailing him 40-27%.

Of course, forty percent is really no great shakes for an incumbent who could end up getting targeted from the right for bruising primary battle similar to the one he endured in 2004. But as terrifying as it is to consider the prospect of Chris Matthews serving in the United States Senate, I’m sort of dying to see these two in a debate. Given Matthews propensity for recalling picayune moments of governmental history and Specter’s well-versed expertise in citing intensely obscure legal precedent, it would likely be the Death Race 2000 of political trivia contests.

I’ll leave with a video that Keith Olbermann referred me to last night. If you played old school Nintendo (which I still contend was the best version Nintendo!), you’d appreciate this. It’s Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt to the tune of the 2008 presidential election:


Prop 8 and other BS

I don’t live in California, I’ve never been to California. But I’m puzzled about how Prop 8 was passed in California. In fact, I’m confused about any of these anti-gay marriage amendments can be passed. Seriously. How can 2 people in love getting married hurt anyone else’s marriage or life? I can’t really express well my disturbance about these ballot measures, but last night Keith Olbermann put most of my thoughts into words:

You can read the text of his words at the link above.

If you’re interested in protesting the Prop 8 verdict where you live, there are protests all across the country this Saturday. You can find more information here.

VP debate

Well, as predicted, the debate was really painful last night. I was online chatting with friends during the debate, getting nauseous at Sarah Palin spouting the same ol’ rhetoric, misstating facts, dodging questions and using her folksy lingo. Meanwhile Joe Biden spoke intelligently, bringing up what he and Obama would be doing to change how things are run in Washington. My friend really had a great blog today about the debate, so I’ll refer you to read her post since it sums up most of my thoughts (on a new blog…so, support my fellow blogging friend 🙂 ):

Debate? Are you sure that’s what I watched last night?.

Also, one of my friends pointed me to this article on It was written before the debate, but it’s still relevant. If you’re a grammar/writing guru (like I can be when I’m in the mood), check out The sentences of Sarah Palin, diagrammed. It’s a pretty interesting read.

Finally, here’s a little flow chart of the debate:

Here’s Olbermann’s brief summary of the debate:

A great Joe Biden moment last night:

A compilation of Palin winking last night

and Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on SNL:

Pish Posh of Politics & News

In a quick scan of my blog subscriptions, there were a few stories I’ll address in an overview post.

1. Not too surprisingly, Rush Limbaugh lambasted on his show about the John Edwards affair and said that maybe he went for this other woman because she wasn’t as “brainy” as Elizabeth Edwards and did more than talk. Anyway, our friend Keith Olbermann addressed Limbaugh’s rant (and why should Rush be judging Edwards, especially considering how many times he’s been married?). You can catch the audio of Limbaugh’s rant and Olbermann’s reply here:

2. Remember Rick Santorum that us Pennsylvanians were so glad to be rid of? He’s still around and going after gay marriage and pushing his version of “family values.” Today Pandagon posted an email blast from our former Senator pushing for the organization, National Organization for Marriage. I really appreciate many of the comments after the blog too (well, not the spam). Some of the craziest parts of his blast:

Dear Friend of Marriage, My friend, I’ve never come to you with a more urgent message: Unless we act today, we will lose the battle for marriage–not a decade from now, not “someday,” but quite possibly in the next few months. How? Just weeks ago, a handful of out-of-touch judges overturned the will of the people in California by repealing Proposition 22, which defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman and was overwhelmingly approved by the voters in 2000.

Hollywood, academia and some in the medical profession launched a huge offensive over the past decade to change the attitude of Americans about the homosexual community. They have succeeded in shaping the minds of young people against traditional marriage and intimidating and punishing anyone who offers a defense of marriage. A sophisticated network of wealthy gay activists are now trying to exploit this change in attitudes by spending millions on stealth campaigns to defeat pro-family state legislators and pass gay marriage laws. They are pushing the battle first where the secular left is the strongest: deep in “blue states” including New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Maryland and now even in my home commonwealth, Pennsylvania.

Make no mistake, gay marriage is not about letting Adam visit Steve in the hospital or letting them do what they want in private. Gay marriage is about using the power of government to propagate a new faith: Individuals who oppose gay marriage are hateful bigots and they and their faith community should be punished.


That’s right, while we are tending to our jobs, going to church, and raising our families, a handful of wealthy gay men are plotting ways to use their giant fortunes to reshape the entire American political landscape in their own image. Sound a little hard to believe? I thought so too, until I read the March 1, 2007 Atlantic Monthly article that documents the detailed plans and huge influence these men are having, led by one gay billionaire activist named Tim Gill. The article is called “They Won’t Know What Hit Them,” and the subtitle pretty much says it all:

“Tim Gill has a mission: stop the Rick Santorums of tomorrow before they get started. How a network of gay political donors is stealthily … reshaping American politics.”

That grabbed my attention, how about yours? If so, I need your help to fight back.

You can read more of the appeal at the Pandagon link above. Here’s hoping Ricky eventually gets over himself and quits all his hatemongering.

And in some local news, I saw this last week and actually, I was on Kelly Drive about 1/2 hour before this happened. Some guy in a Buick was speeding along Kelly Drive and careened off the road and into the Schuylkill River. I swear, though, people really do drive like such idiots on Lincoln Drive and parts of Kelly Drive. In the almost 10 years I’ve lived here, just now I’m getting comfortable enough to take the Lincoln Drive part to my route downtown or to the Schuylkill Expressway. Now I’m good with driving on Lincoln Drive and keep up with traffic, but there’s always a few drivers, pretty much always ones in Escalades or the monster SUVs, that drive like they’re the only ones on the road and as if there were no sharp turns at all along the Drives. Just because those SUVs do those curves like that in the commercials, there’s no reason to do that in real life with other people on the road. Stupid drivers and even though this wasn’t an SUV that flew into the river, maybe it will get through to at least one of those idiot drivers to settle down on the Drives.

Keith Olbermann on the Soup

Over the weekend I caught The Soup and was surprised and happy to see Keith Olbermann making a cameo. He actually made fun of the whole thing on Countdown last night too. Anyway, here’s the clip from The Soup: