I love train wrecks

I don’t get sucked into all train wrecks the media gets worked up over. I really don’t care about Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan’s latest antics. They don’t have a chance of affecting my daily life and, I don’t know about Lindsay, but with Britney I’ve gotten to the point of feeling more pity for her than anything else.

Anyway, I love certain TV shows for their train wreck value…7th Heaven was a prime example, and that silly show this summer Secret Life of the American Teenager.

This year’s news has been full of stories that I’ve loved for their train wreck value. Late last year, earlier this year, I was sucked into following the story of the Bonnie & Clyde couple here in Philadelphia.

And this spring I was endlessly interested in following the story of the Texas Mormon compound. I’ve always had an interest in cults and the brainwashing that happens within them. This was a prime example to me.

I think the most train wreck worthy case this year has easily been Sarah Palin. Being that she and John McCain ran such an ugly, negative campaign that incited so much anger and hate, I think she deserves every single attack that’s been coming at her. McCain does deserve some slack too, but Sarah incited more of this hate and never did anything to try discouraging McCain’s supporters from flinging anti-Muslim, racist attacks on Obama. Also, according to the Daily Telegraph in London,

Sarah Palin’s attacks on Barack Obama’s patriotism provoked a spike in death threats against the future president, Secret Service agents revealed during the final weeks of the campaign.

I truly appreciated that McCain tried calming down the hate speech at his rallies, but Sarah Palin did no such thing. And since the campaign ended on Tuesday, McCain has gone quietly into the night and was actually starting to seem like John McCain Version 2000, while Sarah Palin continued causing ruckus in the media.

As folks like Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann have addressed, all these stories coming out about Palin now are troubling for a number of reasons. Most importantly, if these McCain insiders were so concerned about Sarah not knowing Africa was a continent and all these other things, why didn’t they come out with this information before the election ended and, of course, why was Sarah Palin chosen in the first place. The idea of this woman being so close to the White House scared the crap out of so many people and would have been incredibly dangerous.

I have completely gone off track with this, I was originally going to just make fun of Sarah Palin, but everything I said above gives my reasons why I think any of these jokes are justified. I think humor helps ease direness of any situation. I think that’s why it was so great (and important) having Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert around during these Bush years. They made a painful time in our nation’s history a bit less painful.

So, I will continue watching and enjoying the train wreck that is Sarah Palin. I just hope she keeps feeding the media.

I’ll leave with some funny Sarah Palin videos I found on YouTube:


A cautionary tale….

The story of The Vet Who Did Not Vet:

Palin game

I was gonna do a post about Joe the Plumber, but I think it’s all getting overplayed about now so I won’t bother.

If you want a giggle, check out this site, Palin as President

Lotsa fun.

Garbage Palin Kids?

People in my age group remember Garbage Pail Kids,

I came upon this mockup of a Garbage Pail Kid card, but with Sarah Palin:

And at the McCain/Palin rallies

The tone at McCain/Palin rallies have gotten increasingly hostile very recently and last week when McCain tried to calm down some of his supporters that were shouting out, “Kill him,” and hurling racial slurs, saying that Obama is a respectable person and to treat him with respect, he was booed.

And if you haven’t seen the video of this creep yet from a Palin rally in Johnstown, Pa…

And yesterday Palin dropped the puck at the Flyers game yesterday and got greeted with boos. Apparently too, Fox News edited some of the coverage to cover up the boos and said that there were more cheers than boos. It made me think of this clip from the Simpsons:

And here are some clips of Palin being booed:

The McCain Wander

A friend posted this today and I practically fell off my chair laughing. If you noticed during the last debate, McCain spent a whole lotta time wandering aimlessly around the stage and even walked in front of the camera at the end.

The Huffington Post put up a video montage today of comedians taking on McCain’s wandering…there’s some from Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien and of course SNL. Enjoy and laugh your ass off.

See it here:

Bristol Palin & Levi Speak Out

I found this in my online travels last night and had to post. From the website Palin Juno,

Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston finally sing out about Sarah! Starring Jeremy Redleaf & Shelly Stover. Written by Jeremy Redleaf & Aivan Astor. Directed by Jeremy Redleaf. Produced by Brackets Creative

A little spoof of Juno (and if you haven’t seen Juno yet, get to your Netflix queue and add it now!). And if you’re interested in the song and/or video, it’s both are available for purchase on the website for your iPod or iPhone. Here’s their music video.:

Hey Sarah…

A friend posted this on her Facebook and I’m stealing it to post here. To the tune of Hey There Delilah by the Plain White Tees (and BTW, I will have this song stuck in my head all night now!):

The lyrics:

Hey Sarah Palin, do you tell them in Wasilla
That 4,000 years ago we roamed the planet with Godzilla
Is it true
I am so fucking scared of you
As number 2

Hey Sarah Palin, I think Alaska’s very pretty
But just 100,000 people more than Oklahoma City
Yes it’s true
Go look it up, Im telling you
Oh man, were through

Oh, if you become VP, oh, its Canada for me (2x)
Its Canada for me

Hey Sarah Palin, did you really once inquire
Whether you could throw library books into a big bonfire
God, my eyes
This really might be our demise
This pack of lies

Hey Sarah Palin, just because you’re good at shootin
Doesn’t mean you have the ammo to negotiate with Putin
Are you on coke
This fucking countrys up in smoke
Oh what a joke

Oh, if you become VP, oh what will it mean for me (2x)

Just because I can see the moon
Doesn’t make me an astronaut, you loon
Your foreign policy expertise is pooh
Do you really think a woman commits
To a candidate just because she has tits
Please tell me that this ticket is not true
I thought that there could be no worse
Than Cheney, but here you are, I curse
The madman who would cast a vote for you
And McCain too

Hey Sarah Palin, is it media distortion
Or would you tell a girl whos raped that she could not have an abortion
Its a new low
Who knows just how far you would go
Id rather vote for Ross Perot
Hey Sarah Palin I dont know
Where can we go


Misc Palin Fun

I was poking around online and found some Palin things are worth checking out…

Wanna play Palin Bingo? This would have been perfect for Thursday:

and my friend showed me this mock up picture:

P. Diddy’s thoughts on Sarah Palin…usually P. Diddy/Puff Daddy bugs me, but this made me laugh:

Dave Letterman’s take on Palin:

And in case you missed Palin being healed by the witch doctor:

Try to have a good day!

VP debate

Well, as predicted, the debate was really painful last night. I was online chatting with friends during the debate, getting nauseous at Sarah Palin spouting the same ol’ rhetoric, misstating facts, dodging questions and using her folksy lingo. Meanwhile Joe Biden spoke intelligently, bringing up what he and Obama would be doing to change how things are run in Washington. My friend really had a great blog today about the debate, so I’ll refer you to read her post since it sums up most of my thoughts (on a new blog…so, support my fellow blogging friend 🙂 ):

Debate? Are you sure that’s what I watched last night?.

Also, one of my friends pointed me to this article on Slate.com. It was written before the debate, but it’s still relevant. If you’re a grammar/writing guru (like I can be when I’m in the mood), check out The sentences of Sarah Palin, diagrammed. It’s a pretty interesting read.

Finally, here’s a little flow chart of the debate:

Here’s Olbermann’s brief summary of the debate:

A great Joe Biden moment last night:

A compilation of Palin winking last night

and Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on SNL:

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