Christian recruitment

This morning I spontaneously decided to take a trip to check out this big Asian market in the ‘burbs I’ve been meaning to check out. I was floored as soon as I went in…it made the other Asian market I usually go to look like a corner store! I didn’t get much, just some various frozen dumplings, red bean paste buns, some mochi, frozen edaname, sesame oil and rice vinegar. The produce section was remarkable and I didn’t look around there too much, but they seem to have lots of interesting things that I’d love to try learning how to cook with.

Anyway, after my little shopping trip, I went back to my car and there was a guy just standing in the parking lot median. I thought he was waiting for someone, but as I went to put my groceries in my backseat, he came up to me and asked if I was a Christian. I said yes and he asked if I went to church today and I said yes. And he helped me close my driver’s seat door. Of course the part about going to church was a lie and I’m pretty much agnostic, but I really wasn’t in a snarky kind of mood today so I just went along with the questions. So, that was the last place I was expecting to get proselytized. But then, once someone proselytized me when I was reading at the Borders in Chestnut Hill. It’s really creepy that these people actually think they’ll recruit people like that. I guess someone must be falling for it or they wouldn’t keep trying, but I really don’t understand them at all. Instead of trying to convert people to Christianity, why not go do some type of service to help disadvantaged people? That seems more Christian to me.

I’ll leave with some songs appropriate to my thoughts on this topic:

XTC’s Dear God:

Tori Amos’s God

Lou Barlow Mary

and, this isn’t completely related, but still one of my favorite songs…
The Caulfield’s Devil’s Diary